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Urbal Hangover Defence Review by Carmen Li

Carmen was working in the United Kingdom as a school teacher when she first tried our Urbal Hangover Defence! We had to catch up with her to get her Urbal Hangover Defence Review! It turns out, she loved our product and we loved her review so much we featured her feedback on our social media channels in August 2016!

This is her incredible review of our Urbal Hangover Defence – word for word.

Big thanks to this gem for a lack of hangover! Every teacher should be using this…Otherwise how will we survive another academic year?

Carmen Li

Her original review can be found on our Instagram @urbal.co. Follow the #UrbalPeople movement today!

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Urbal Hangover Defence

Urbal Hangover Defence is a plant-based supplement which improves the body’s ability to metabolise alcohol. It protects the liver from long term damaging effects of alcohol. Moyeam Tea extract is a key ingredient used in the hangover pills. Moyeam Tea extract can help to improve hangover symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. Milk thistle extract is another key ingredient used in the supplement. Milk Thistle can help to detoxify the liver and maintain long term liver health.