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The Urbal Story

At Urbal, we are committed to lending a helping hand to those who work their fingers to the bone, party like there’s no tomorrow and survive on the bare minimum of sleep.

The city is an urban jungle, and people living the URBALifestyle often work too hard, rest too little & (sometimes) drink too much.

These habits lead to the manifestation of disease in the long term.

The Urbal story started with the desire to bring ancient wisdom to modern times. We wanted to create plant-based supplements from herbs & super-foods to help the body heal itself for recovery & wellness.

Introducing Urbal Hangover Defence

Our Urbal Hangover Defence hits the spot every time.

It’s important to know what a hangover is and the symptoms that come with it. Almost everyone has experienced a night where a party has gotten out of hand and they are dreading what beholds them the following morning.

Usually, waves of nausea coupled with a headache that feels like a sledgehammer to the head are the main symptoms that let people know that they are hungover. While those are the common traits of a hangover, it can get much worse, whereby sensitivity to light, feelings of vertigo and aching muscles also become an issue.

At this point, most people know their bed is the place to be. But, those days have passed as we at Urbal have the perfect cure that will be effective and have people back on their feet.

The revolution to end hangovers is coming, so let’s toast to a cure that will make you healthier and happier.